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June Holiday Playlist

Henry June

The holidays are notorious for good movies. We're checking in to share with you guys some cozy holiday favorites at June.

Breakfast at Tiffanys- This 60's romantic comedy is a one we never forget around holiday time. Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn) shows us how to party while finding love in the city of NY. Fun Fact: Marilyn Monroe was initially intended to play the role of Holly Golightly. 

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York- stars 9yo Macaulay Culkin. Yes, the same plot from the original but in New York Kevin is in new territory. He roams the streets and uses his dads credit card for housing until it's reported for fraud and the gig is up!

Bad Santa- *Rated R* Prepare yourself for a real treat with this Christmas comedy. Billy Bob Thornton plays a mall santa with his elf friend 3'6 actor Tony Cox. Every year Santa and elf dress up at a new mall with every intention of robbing the place after they've made all their holiday money. Elf struggles with santa who wrecks of booze and barley makes it to work everyday. Elf just needs santa to stay sober just long enough to help him crack the mall safe. Fun fact: Try playing the drinking game to this one with friends drinking to every time you hear the F bomb. 

Annie Hall- This Woody Allen classic sends us on a roller coaster of emotion. Annie Hall played by Diane Keaton is a quirky artist strikes the interest of comedian Alvy played by Woody Allen. The two fall for each other almost immediately but shortly after thats all in question. Maybe its Allen's repulsive dialog about never receiving gifts from his grandma because she was too busy getting raped that went over our heads. But one thing you can't ignore is Keaton's quirky fashions. That bowler hat and tie combination is something i've yet to see executed quite like Keaton in this film. 

Just to name a few but we can never forget:

The Nightmare before Christmas

A Christmas Story (the original)

My Night at Maud's


About a Boy


There's still 3 days until Christmas and plenty more movie time. Share with us some of your holiday favorites!

June Lookbook

Henry June

We made this short video to give you guys some insight on what we did 3 Saturdays ago. Every. Second. 25 mph winds. December, we're glad to have ya. 

Creative Direction: Nicole Moreland

Model: Marissa Ross

Photography: Nancy Gabriela 

HMUA: Margaret Snider

Stylist: Nicole Moreland


Henry June

Henry & June is happy to announce the relaunch of the brand as JUNE! The name JUNE stems from our newly all female collabrative effort to the brand. We are now primarily an online clothing gallery.  

Our mission is to provide Atlanta with contemporary designs and slow fashion designers. What you can expect is the return of some of our favorite designers like Megan Huntz and Komono in addition to new collaborations every quarter! 

We are looking forward to sharing this new experience with you.