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Correll Correll

correll correll


Correll Correll is the work of twin sisters Daphne and Vera Correll. They began producing knitwear in Berlin in 2006, and now having grown their reach, their emphasis is on a "holistic approach to fashion." From their website:

Our holistic approach sees bridging the contrasts between sustainable design and luxury markets, traditional handicrafts and high fashion, environmental responsibility and market competitiveness, as an essential element of innovative design. We are dedicated to the view that sustainable materials and production processes are not an aesthetic limit but an opportunity to develop exciting new directions for the future of fashion.

Everything is done by hand, from knitting, to stitching, to dyeing, in limited quantities by the sisters out of their studio, now in Brooklyn. They bring expert to their craft, and surprising bursts of color and warmth in every collection. They feature a robust women's line, as well as a unisex line.