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Margaux Lonnberg

Margaux Lonnberg


Margaux Lonnberg is a designer, style icon, and blogger, who in the past few years has captured the attention of designers such as Les Prairies de Paris, Vanessa Dee, and many more. Margaux is a dreamer with a strong sense of reality; living by the quote “to create is to destroy” meaning that in the end there is always somewhere new to go and something new to do.

With her new clothing collection, she teaches us that there is beauty in imperfections, flaws, tears and holes. By creating for others she finds fashion an outlet for expressing herself. Her designs are honest and original and reflect her state of mind. She has been able to bring her own personal vision to the laidback California and Parisian girl style to the brand. Her collection is for people who live, love, and enjoy life in all of it’s effortless and edgy glory. 

{Press courtesy of Margaux Lonnberg}