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Megan Huntz

Megan Huntz

Fashion designer Megan Huntz is originally from Atlanta, GA where she currently resides and produces her own brand, Megan Huntz Dresses, a limited edition line of dresses focused on textile enrichment through hand washing, dyeing and creating original prints. She studied and worked in Italy and Spain for nearly a decade. Domus Academy took Megan to Milan in 2003, where she completed her Masters in Fashion Design. After her studies, she worked as a womenswear denim designer for Meltin'Pot, Spazio Lazzari of Treviso, as well as for Max&Co and New Penny, brands of the Max Mara group. In 2010 she returned to her hometown of Atlanta, GA and re-launched her line in the US.

In addition to operating Megan Huntz Dresses, Megan is the owner and co-creator of Huntz & White Ties, a men's neckwear line, launched in December of 2012.

Megan’s degree in Industrial Design, from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (1999), has given her a basis to explore fashion with a non-traditional approach, as well as cross over into other types of work such as design research, retail design, fashion communication and brand identity work. Her background in fine arts has allowed her to blur the lines of art, fashion and design. She presented Souvenir, a multimedia fashion-art installation, on November 15, 2012 at Space 2 in Atlanta, followed by the showing of her fall collection at Charleston Fashion Week in March of 2013. Figure Studies, a multi-media fashion performance focused on a capsule collection utilizing painted textiles, was shown on June 8, 2013 as part of the Design is Material Exhibition during of Modern Atlanta’s Design Week.