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Objects Without Meaning


Objects without meaning

Objects Without Meaning resides in the present, with no long-winded story to tell. They propose clothing as an empty vessel, a blank slate to be filled by the many experiences and emotions of daily life, merging nonchalance with a true sense of spirit. Aspiring to one humble objective — the minimal silhouette is focused on tactility and effortless grace, leaving the air clear for individuals to express their indicative nature. Their garments speak for themselves, representing nothing more than the simplicity of their materials and form — a broad and understated palette for enlightened living.

The collection was conceived in 2011 by Australian – by way of NYC and now LA – designer Alexandra Michelle, partnering closely with a tight-knit handful of artists and boutique mills. All manufacturing is done within their own Los Angeles-based facility, where they are immersed in every aspect of their brand from design to production to culture.